Cast stone allows for almost limitless designs.

Tri-Stone regularly consults with clients to manufacture custom pieces. Cast stone provides a very wide design spectrum for all tastes. Please look at the following categories for more information on custom work.

  • Color-Matching
  • Extreme Detail
  • Many Shapes and Sizes
  • Textures
  • Our Custom Manufacturing Policy

    You can provide us with the actual piece you want cast in stone; you can provide an architect's drawing of the piece you want; or you can explain your idea, and we can make an architect's drawing for you.

    There are three different levels of cast stone design from which to choose. The first is using our standard profiles found in our catalog. Second is semi-custom, which means slightly adjusting a standard profile. Finally, you can design a completely custom mold made to your exact dimensions.

    Photo Examples Of Our Custom Work

    Custom Colors and Color-Matching

    Color Match Original Columns Color Samples to match

    This customer needed new balustrades that matched the columns that were still in good condition. We looked through our hundreds of colors and mixed a few together to come up with this custom color.

    Complex Color Match

    We had to mix a stain for this complex color-match to apply topically. It was for a building with old terra cotta that needed to be replaced. The stain is very permanent and penetrates the stone.

    Solid Color Match

    This is an example of a simpler color match. Likely, we have color formulas on hand for common masonry colors, which makes for a quick match.

    Custom Detail

    Detail on Fireplace Detail on Fireplace

    We made this carving out of wood, then attached it to the mold. It adds a soft touch to this fireplace; which is now one of our fireplace mantels offered in our catalog.

    Leaf-Carvings on Bench Detailed Bench

    Custom Sizes and Shapes

    Large Fountain

    This fountain is seven feet in diameter. Someone brought in their dry cast fountain that broke; so we could use that as a master model. We repaired the dry cast fountain enough so we could use the shape. Our wet cast stone mix design enables the fountain to withstand the extremes of our Midwestern climate.

    Thin Baluster

    While still keeping its strength, this baluster gets as narrow as two inches.

    Custom Textures

    Tuscan Finish Texture

    Cast stone can mimic almost any material. We have made cast stone with different textures, such as: rock-faced, Tuscan (pictured), and rough. Our textures are custom and job specific.